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Power Render 6 3D Engine Personal Edition (http://www.powerrender.com)

Power Render is a general purpose software development kit for games and 3D visualization. In addition to providing an API for developers, several tools are provided for artists for building content and previewing models in realtime from Autodesk\'s 3ds max, Alias Wavefront\'s Maya, and Newtek\'s Lightwave . The new version can also preview content using HDR rendering and supports the OpenEXR file format.

This is the core file with all tools, documentation and C++ Libraries. Visit www.PowerRender.com to download the rest of the SDK which includes examples, exporters, and sample content. Over 50 working C++ examples of varying difficulty are provided to demonstrate various aspects of the product and get you started right away.

Power Render provides a wide range of graphics algorithms in a higher level API which can be used instead of DirectX or OpenGL, while still providing low level access to the hardware if needed. Key functionality includes shader support up to SM 3.0, CG, HLSL, or assembly, a variety of shadow methods, texture formats, terrain and BSP rendering, full screen graphical user interface design, C++ like scripting language, collision detection, audio and input device support including force feedback from companies such as Logitech and ActLabs, character animation using skinning, tweening, or keyframing.

Power Render 6 now has built in physics capabilities for simulating objects with real world properties. Simple or compound objects with multiple rigid bodies and joints can be created. Ragdoll support for characters is provided along with an editor for adjusting skeletal geometry and physics properties.

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